What is WeeWorld Junior? 
You may ask this question. A User who signs up on WeeWorld within the age of 9-12 will become a WeeWorld junior, They become Juniors for safety reasons. A Junior has limited features and different worlds. 
They don't have blogs, party rooms, and access to forums and they may not earn free gold . Unfortunately after the addition of WeeWorld Junior, WeeWorld has become strict on the Chat filters. Sometimes your message may get blocked and the reason so, is because the user you have been talking to is a WeeWorld Junior.

WeeWorld's filters do not allow certain smilies.
For Example: if you type "c:" Your message will get blocked.
So you will to change your message.

One last thing, Once you receive a message being told it has been blocked, You may also be told that further action will be taken. In that case, You don't have to worry. 
Action will only be taken if you swore at the user.

Anymore Questions? Feel free to ask (:


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